Company Overview

Full Moon Trading 70 CC t/a Landmate Technologies was established in 2001 as an initiative with the view to providing Small-to-Medium Enterprises with outsourced Information Technology support functions. These functions include, inter-alia, additional resource to current SME employed staff with high workload, managing IT infrastructure due to non-IT employees and providing SME with a general support consultancy in all IT related fields. The level of support varies from low to high, dependant on client needs, as this is directly attributable to the systems and infrastructure deployed at the client.

The experience of the staff in the company spans 10 years in both profit and non-profit organizations. Staff members are internationally qualified and have experience on country wide networks with multiple remote sites. Our focus however remains the Garden Route and Southern Cape Region.

Landmate has been a MWEB Businees partner since 2006 and from 2010 we are an ARCH Software Business Associate.

Landmate offers Network and Server Installation, Administration and Maintenance. Infrastructure Planning, Cabling Services and IT Component Sales.
Please visit our Services section to see a detailed list of our services and supported platforms.

We offer Service Level Agreements / Maintenance Agreements